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Developing the potential to power the future

Innovation is what powers GE and its talented people around the world.

At GE Africa we are over 1800 employees working across 35 countries. We are harnessing our global strengths to build sustainable local solutions, improve health, and power the future. We are investing in bringing the best people together in Africa to help create a better future for the continent. And we’re growing.

GE is working in the following countries:


In partnership with Aeolus Kenya, GE is developing a 61MW wind power project in Kinangop.

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GE is investing $1 billion into Nigeria, including construction on a $250 million manufacturing facility in Calabar.

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South Africa

Together with Sasol Ltd., GE is developing new water treatment technology to combat South Africa’s scarcity problem.

With South Africa's Transnet Engineering, GE is building 30 locomotives for Mozambique.

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GE and the Ministry of Health  are partnering to introduce the Vscan pocket ultrasound across Ghana.

GE is constructing a new 1000MW power plant.

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In a joint venture GE is investing $175 million to construct a new manufacturing facility in Soyo.

Revenues are over $320 million and growing.

World-class leadership programs,
African commitment:

Early Career Development Program

GE Africa’s Early Career Development Program (ECDP) is a one year entry level program for recent degree holders to build relationships and skills. Through challenging work, classroom instruction and exposure to senior leadership, the ECDP is part of GE Africa’s commitment to our people, the continent and building a better future. ECDPs operate across the spectrum of GE’s core businesses all over the continent. In focusing on building Africans for Africa, the ECDP is part of GE Africa’s drive to help develop leaders.

Financial Management Program

The Financial Management Program (FMP) is GE’s oldest corporate training program. Over 100 years in the making, the same FMP that has developed leaders at GE in North America is coming to GE Africa. Developing leadership and analytical skills, the FMP is an intensive two year span of assignments. Working with senior GE mentors, participants are exposed to assignments in financial planning, accounting, operations analysis, auditing, forecasting, treasury/cash management, or commercial finance. The FMP provides for an accelerated career trajectory at a company powering the future.

Global Corporate Programs

Additional programs being offered in the region are:

  • Commercial Leadership Development Program
  • Experienced Commercial Leadership Program
  • Human Resources Leadership Program
  • IT Leadership Program
  • Operations Management Leadership Program

For more information on these programs, visit the GE University Students careers page.

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Innovation to improve Healthcare
across the continent.

GE is helping to deliver better care to more people across Africa. That’s innovation at work.

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